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A carbon filter's performance is closely linked to the following factors:


  • The raw material that fills the filter, particularly its origin, retentivity, particle size, etc. (learn more)
  • The sizing and production quality of the filter cartridge (learn more)
  • The filter's suitability for the application.
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When installed in a ductless fume hood, fume cupboard or storage cabinet, the filter constitutes the most important safety element for the operator.


Our experience in this area means that we can offer five high performance filter types that comply with a wide variety of applications in the laboratory:


Types/ranges of asura filters:


for evaporations where organic solvent fumes are predominant: alcohols, alkanes, aldehydes, halogenated solvents, etc.


for evaporations where inorganic acid fumes are predominant (HCl, HNO3, HBr, H2SO4, etc.)


for evaporations where formaldehyde and aldehyde fumes are predominant


for evaporations where ammonia and amine fumes are predominant

HP HEPA H14 filter for filtering powders . 

The HEPA H14 filter provides 99.995% efficiency for particles larger than 0.1 µm in accordance with the MPPS method of the EN 1822-1 standard.

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Take advantage of our complementary service which will analyze the handlings in your hood and match you up with the filter type best suited to your application.
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